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Our Region

To present ourself, we live in Garnd-Vabre. A typical village from the Aveyron, where you can see little stone-houses and roofings in sheets.

The village is on the buttresses of the Massif Central, near the way to Saint James of Compostela (GR 65), in between the beautiful valleys of the Lot and Dourdou.
At the parting of 3 departments, the Lot, Cantal and Aveyron, we are rich with natural resources.

About Conques?

Big site of France, Conques is a medieval village with houses built in steps which will hold your attention.
There, you will be able to visit a 1000 year-old outstanding abbey.
On the way to Saint James of Compostela, Conques is listed as a UNESCO world Heritage site.
The village sees thousands of pilgrims passing by to visit each year, on their way to Compostela.

To know more about Conques, you can also visit the Tourism’s office website: www.tourisme-conques.fr