The Way of Saint James of Compostela

The Compostela path of pilgrim donkeyss

Here, we give you the opportunity to walk with our pilgrim donkeys throughout your trip on the way of Saint James of Compostela. They will carry children ad luggage, creating at the same time a dynamic walk. You will be astonished as the days will go by! The day before you leave, we come and meet you to present you to your long-eared friend.
You will then be given the panniers which in order to prepare your packages and we will help you to balance the load. We will also show you how to put the packsaddle and we will teach you the basics in the care of the animal. If you begin your walk in Le-Puy-En-Velay, the departure occurs in the morning, just after the mass where pilgrims are blessed at the footsteps of the Cathedral.

Mini-pilgrimages for groups or families:

We also offer to organise short-lived pilgrimages (3 to 8 days) in our region for groups or families desiring to be accompanied by our pilgrim donkeys. They will carry children and luggage for you! The price will depend on the number of donkeys required (we advise you to take one donkey for 2/3 people) and on the type of accommodation you choose. You will have the possibility to sleep in some christian places as the Saint Foy Abbey in Conques, in the Malet Convent, in the Bonneval Abbey etc…


The price will depend on how long you want to follow the Compostela trail. There are many different options… You can start from Le-Puy-en-Velay, from Nasbinals, from Aumont d’Aubrac… You can go up to Conques, to Figeac or you can also go from Conques to Rocamadour directly…You can decide to stop in Moissac…. You may choose and tell us! We can also give you a few pieces of advice on which trail to take if you want! Prices for short journeys:

1st day: 60 €
2nd day: 55 €
3rd day: 50 €

+ travelling expenses for 1 to 3 donkeys (1,10€/km) If you need, we can take care of all your reservations for the accommodation during your journey. Are you planning to walk half of the way to Compostela or to do it entirely? Take the time you need to live your way! We carry the donkeys to your point of departure and e come and pick them up at the end. Prices for long journeys:

From Le-Puy-en-Velay to Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port: 775 €
From Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port to Santiago: 845 €
From Le-Puy-en-Velay to Santiago: 1275 €
From Vezelay to Ostabat: 845 €
From Vezelay to Santiago: 1345 €

+ travelling expenses. In the case of a long journey, the prices never take the distances you make into account. The time you will make to get to your destination will not affect the cost of the trip. You just need to add the travelling expenses to the location of a donkey. Ex: – count 340 € to transport a donkey to Le-Puy-en-Velay count 460 € to carry a donkey back from Santiago.